Hank and I have gone through a few food transitions over the course of our relationship. We have always done a lot of cooking, but at one point it was bread baking and fermenting. Recently (within the past 6 months of so), we have been taking the time to make a weekly menu. That way, when we hit up the grocery we have a complete list of all of the food that we will need for the week. Sometimes we keep a few extras in the freezer like meatballs or leftover curry, but mostly we make fresh meals every night. It works really well for us, and makes me excited for every meal!

Within the past few weeks we have had to change things up a little bit though, because we joined a ‘late autumn’ CSA. This means that we get one shipment of veggies in the month of November and then another one in December. Holy veggies! Now, we are forced (in a good way!) to make our menus based on what we already have. Our November shipment was something like 45 pounds (including ummm…8-10 lbs. of carrots).


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