Dan Dan noodles

In our house, you can’t go wrong with Asian themed noodles. We tried a new recipe last night from Bon Appetite magazine’s October issue. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical that there were no veggies in it (besides some scallions), but the rest of it sounded amazing. To fix the no veggies problem we added some frozen peas that we had lying around. Not exactly the most thrilling thing that we have added to a stir fry, but it did make a tasty addition. Somehow we managed to have eat or have assigned all of the vegetables in our house to other things.

Basically, you brown some ground pork and add in a bunch of things like chicken stock (we didn’t have any so we just added some water) chili oil, red wine vinegar, tahini and soy sauce, cook it down, and then add some noodles.

Holy cow! It was so yummy! We are already thinking of what to add to it the next time. Probably broccoli…mmmm. And we definitely need to make it spicier.


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