Philippe and the world of Achewood

I mentioned in my ‘Menu’ post that we were going to be making Philippe’s Mexican Pizza last night for dinner. I wanted to take a moment and talk about Philippe. Philippe is a baby otter on the wonderfully amazing online comic ‘Achewood’. ‘The Achewood Cookbook’ features a few recipes by this adorable character who gives very important child cooking safety advice in his recipes. He states it best when he says, “This recipe is pretty sophisticated. I usually get help with the oven stuff.”

Luckily, Hank was doing the cooking last night. So, no need for me to ask someone for help with the oven, Hank usually has this under control (except for that one time that he lit tortilla shells on fire…big flames…I wish I had a picture of that to show you!).

Obviously, Philippe’s recipe can be made with any toppings and in any order. His inspiration came from the Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell, which he has never had (neither have I), but would like you to contact him if you have had any experience with it. (Philippe, c/o Achewood, PO BOX 7182, San Carlos CA 94070).

We made our Mexican Pizza with re-fried black beans, ground beef, and pepper jack cheese.

Then we topped it with cilantro, plain greek yogurt and jalapenos.

If you are interested in learning more about Philippe and his mad skillz, here is our favorite comic strip: A Love Romance


One thought on “Philippe and the world of Achewood

  1. Yeah, that was not so much fun when I lit the tortillas on fire. Seems like something a baby otter would do in the kitchen. The fact that I have learned my lesson is demonstrated in how deliciously these pizzas turned out.

    Readers should also note that I also did all our chopping of various ingredients for our next two nights of cooking, since we will be on a tighter kitchen schedule between yoga and bedtime.

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