What are eggs with hats?

Intro: My family calls these eggs in the nest, other known names include: hole in one sandwich, cowboy eggs, toad in the hole, and many others (check out wikipedia). I have conformed to the in-law name of eggs with hats because why the heck not?

The beginning of the story: A few months ago, our friend Mike, best known for The Hot Dog Blog generously gave us some Pearl ‘flat dogs‘. As you can see, these are basically burgers made out of the awesome meat that is used to make hot dogs. WARNING! These are different than bologna. We stuck them in the freezer having no idea when we would have occasion to make them.

The story: One night, perhaps in a dream, I finally figured out what to do with them! Use them as the hats for eggs with hats! I proposed my idea to Hank the next morning, but was met with a slightly pessimistic, “Hmmm…sure.” Never the less, I placed it on the weekly menu.

As these patties slowly thawed in our fridge, I became more and more skeptical of what they would taste like once cooked, but as soon as they began frying in the pan I remembered how much I loved when my dad used to make us fried hot dogs with american cheese melted on top.

Next step was the traditional eggs with hats:

Then! we assembled the much more contemporary eggs with hats:

I have to say, these were pretty darn tasty in all the different ways. We did manage to add some veggies to the meal by siding these beauties with a little arugula salad.


5 thoughts on “What are eggs with hats?

  1. looks amazing! i’m betting that you didn’t have to add any oil to the pan to fry those disk dogs since one of them has something like 25% of your daily intake of saturated fats.

  2. I must defend myself: I was never pessimistic about flat dogs (I’m generally not a very pessimistic guy), especially once they started sizzling in the pan and smellin’ Pearly..

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