The last 10 days.

Sorry about the lack of posts over the last week or so. Hank and I headed back to Ohio to visit my family. Although there were only a few photos to document our culinary experiences, we did have a few interesting/noteworthy meals.

We started the trip with steamed cheeseburgers at Ted’s Restaurant in Meriden, CT. You should really check out their amazing website. Hank and I have stopped here before, and it will probably become a regular on our trips to and from Ohio.

A few days after we got to Ohio, my dad graced us with one of his fish fries. Usually, we have these with fish that my parent’s have caught, but they didn’t have enough in the freezer so we had some cod from the grocery. The thing that is special about this is that my dad ALWAYS has two deep fryers ready to go out in the garage. Literally, I’m not kidding here. This is how my parents live. The fry up went pretty well. Then, on New Year’s Eve, I saw my father do something that I have never seen him do…he washed his deep fryer. I’m sure that he has done this before, but I have never witnessed it. After the cleaning we had some deep fried shrimp. Yummy.

On the 29th, we celebrated Christmas with my dad’s side of the family. It’s a big one. My dad has 8 siblings. It was decided by one of my aunts that we should do a soup potluck. 4 chilis and 11 total soups later, I had ate a little bit too much. We made chipotle beef and beer chili, and it was a huge hit. We made it extra spicy, which everyone commented on, but then they finished it right off. If it were a soup-off, I think we would have won.

We gathered with some amazing friends on NYE and had a small potluck. We brought Mark Bittman’s Curried Coconut Butternut Squash soup. Of course, we changed it up a bit by modifying the amount of fluid and using the immersion blender to make it into a pureed soup. Also on the menu: hot wing dip, spinach balls, homemade soft pretzels, white out cake, guacamole…and some other stuffs too.

On the eating out side, we managed to have all of our favorites:

Taqueria Mixteca (3 times!)


Marion’s Piazza (2 times!) *No Photo :(*

AND a few other choice places.


One thought on “The last 10 days.

  1. Don’t forget we accidentally bought Tandoori powder instead of curry powder for the squash soup.. perhaps a fortuitous accident. 😉

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