Sweet potato pancakes and kimchi scrambled eggs?

We are still trying to deal with our December CSA share. Ok, ‘deal’ might be the wrong word since we have really enjoyed the mass quantity of veggies. So, on Monday night we baked a few sweet potatoes and added a few extra just to have around. We had decided to make pancakes for our Tuesday night dinner because of the quart of amazing maple syrup that Pam and Fred got us for Christmas. Then, Hank had the great idea of making sweet potato pancakes. But we couldn’t find a recipe that we really thought we would enjoy, so we used Mark Bittman’s pancake recipe and added the two sweet potatoes to it. They turned out pretty well as you can see, but not quite the same as The Deluxe Town Diner’s.

That one on the left is the first cake. Which, happens to be my favorite. I really love how the first pancake is super doughy because the skillet never seems to be hot enough. Yums.

The kimchi scrambled eggs happened for two reasons: 1. I’m not the biggest fan of plain scrambled eggs. 2. Pam and Fred (our new heroes!) brought us some kimchi from our favorite Korean restaurant. The sweet and spicy/savory could have been a weird combo, but it actually turned out really well.

p.s. I have a note about my food photography. I recently read that you should really try to take food photos in natural light, but I have this one tiny problem…it gets dark at 4:30 here in the Boston area. Our kitchen lighting isn’t that great either. Therefore, all the pictures that I take end up being sorta orangey/yellowy. Sorry about your luck. I guess you are just going to have to trust me that all the food that we make looks amazingly beautiful in real life 😉


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