Menu: January 9-15

Last week was kinda slow with the posts, I do apologize for this. We did make some excellent pad thai on Friday, which I hope to post about tomorrow.

Monday– Out for my father-in-law’s birthday.

TuesdayWinter Minestrone (posted on ‘The Splendid Table’ site. We are still working through our CSA bounty.)

Wednesday– Slow-cooker carnitas. We were going to follow a recipe, but instead got some helpful advice from Hank’s chef brother on how to throw some things together and end up with something awesome. We will top these with avocado, cilantro, onion, lime, and probably fat-free greek yogurt (because we put it on everything!). On the side we are going to make a variation of celeriac remoulade.

ThursdayFried rice

Friday– Zucchini quesadillas (A modified/memorized ‘Vegetarian Cookbook’ recipe).

Saturday– For Hannamus, we decided to have a themed holiday party for Hank’s family. This will be taking place on the eve of Saturday. It should prove to be a good time.

Sunday– I expect that we will probably go out to eat.


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