Slow cooker carnitas

On Wednesday, we attempted our own carnitas for the first time. As with most things that we make, this one is definitely going on the ‘make again’ list. It turned out so well and was really easy.

We bought a pork shoulder that weighed a little over 3 pounds. Hank cut it up into large chunks and trimmed off some of the fat.

On Wednesday morning, we threw the meat in the crock pot with 3 chopped up jalapenos and just barely covered it with 2% milk. This was suggested to us by Bri, Hank’s chef brother, and is possibly a secret recipe of a certain local restaurant…that might be a lie though…

That evening it was falling apart perfectly and was frantically plunked onto one large flour tortilla and several small corn tortillas. Toppings included: onions that had been soaked in ice water (helps take the stinky out), cilantro (we really do put it on everything), fat-free greek yogurt (we really do put it on everything), and slices of avocado.

Insert non-existent picture here

I’m telling you, you gotta do it!


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