Menu: January 16-22

After an excellent week of eating, I’m finally ready to post this week’s menu:

Monday– Out to Moroccan Hospitality Restaurant with the in-laws. This place is in Malden, and I highly recommend it!

Tuesday– Moroccan Lamb with Couscous (from Jamie Oliver’s ‘Food Revolution’). This is one of our go-to recipes. We make it different almost every single time. We will be making it with ground lamb on this night (might as well stick with the Moroccan theme for as long as we can, right?? That stuff is good!)

Wednesday– Chicken and Mushroom Pot Pie. This is from the February issue of ‘Real Simple’ magazine. You make it in the slow-cooker. We won’t be making any puff pastry biscuits (which is how they do it) since we just made a huge batch of jalapeno cornbread yesterday.

ThursdaySpiced Spinach Dal with Coconut Milk. We haven’t made this one before, but it is another slow-cooker recipe.

Friday– Hank is going to a conference in Texas until Monday evening. I will probably end up eating cheese and crackers for this meal. Sad, but exciting!

Saturday– TBD

Sunday– Swupper


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