Moroccan Lamb with Couscous (from Jamie Oliver’s ‘Food Revolution’)

I’ve been slacking this week…sorry!

As I mentioned in my weekly menu post, this is one of our go-to recipes. We have made it almost exactly the way that the recipe says, with just the skeleton ingredients, and every way in between. All ways are excellent. The following story will explain why I think that this recipe is so good:

While moving out of our old apartment, an old schoolhouse with really thick walls, our downstairs neighbor stopped me and asked about our cooking. She wanted to know what it was that we used so often that smelled so good (this is why I mentioned the thick walls. I have no idea how she could smell our cooking). I couldn’t think of it at the moment she asked, but when I told Hank about it he was able to identify it immediately…CUMIN!

We don’t use fresh tomatoes. We might, if we were cooking this in the summer, but why waste a yummy in season tomato on a meal that does perfectly well with canned tomatoes? Real Simple magazine just published their list of the best canned tomatoes. Their best canned whole tomatoes were the Whole Foods 365 organics. I don’t know if I can tell the difference, but those are the kind that we used this time around.

We added peas this time. We have never done this before, but when we realized that we didn’t have any salad greens I think we got scared.

It also calls for fresh parsley to be cooked with all the other stuff. We don’t do that (well, maybe we did it once), but we hate buying all that parsley just for one dish when CILANTRO is the obvious choice for garnish…oh yeah, and fat-free greek yogurt…


As a little treat for you all…Hank with an enormous carrot!


3 thoughts on “Moroccan Lamb with Couscous (from Jamie Oliver’s ‘Food Revolution’)

  1. That looks and sounds incredible! Funny thing, I had the girls for dinner last week and we were talking about how distinct cumin smells. I’ve never noticed, but I guess if you don’t use it you notice it!

    • It is definitely one of those spices that you sorta forget is amazing if you use it all the time. Then, when you don’t have it in awhile it is seriously yummy.

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