Menu: January 23-29

This past weekend, my meals have consisted of cheese and leftovers, so I’m pretty ready for Hank to get back and to start cooking again.

Monday– Hank is getting back at about dinner time, so we have decided to go out and have a celebratory “Hank has returned to Boston!” meal. I’m was thinking Sofra, but they close too early. Maybe The Deluxe Town Diner.

Tuesday– Potato, Red Lentil and Brown Onion Hash (from ‘Vegetarian Planet’, pg. 541). We might have some fried eggs or something with this.

Wednesday– Peanut Noodles (we make a modified version of the recipe from ‘All Things Trader Joe’s’ cookbook.)

Thursday– Chickpea Soup Arrabbiata (from ’50 Simple Soups for the Slow Cooker’)

Friday– We are going to a concert in Central Square, so we will probably go out to eat. I’m rooting for Veggie Galaxy.

Saturday– We are going to go see a comedian with Hank’s brother, Ike, and his girlfriend, Anna. It’s hard to say where we will eat.

Sunday– Swupper (Although, I might be wrong about this, because Hank’s parents might be out of town. Any confirmation out there??)

So, more eating out than we normal, but some new and hopefully good stuff in between.


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