Chickpea Soup Arrabbiata

Last Thursday, we made this excellent soup in the slow cooker. I feel justified in writing about it today because we just finished eating the leftovers yesterday. The recipe for this came from ’50 Simple Soups for the Slow Cooker’.

It required a bit of prep the night before. Really just chopping carrots, onions,and celery, but then the next morning we just threw everything in. We used dried chickpeas for the first time, and they turned out really great. The recipe called for immersion blending the whole thing when you are ready to eat it, but we liked its chunkiness so we just blended it a little bit to get kind of a tomato soup base. Overall, it turned out really, really excellent.

Here it is with some jalapeno cornbread:

I took the baby kale salad out of the frame…I don’t know why. Perhaps I thought it was just too boring compared to the soup and cornbread. I had also taken a big bite of my cornbread before this picture was taken, that is why it is hidden a little bit by the bowl. I just couldn’t wait! That stuff is sooooo good!


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