Sometimes I get lazy about chewing

That is when my immersion blender is kinda the coolest thing that I own.

I have been asked recently to give a bit more info on our prep work and methods. So, I’m going to attempt to do that. I will say that for the most part we follow the recipe and modify/substitute when necessary. I’ll try and point out those changes.

Last night we made broccoli soup.

This recipe came from Real Simple. You might notice that my picture was a pretty darn accurate replica of the one on the Real Simple website. We had made our own chicken stock several weeks ago and froze it in pint containers. This was probably one of the smartest things that we have done. We have been saving veggie scraps since then and plan on making a big batch of veggie broth soon.

We did follow the recipe pretty darn closely with this one. I mean, there are so few ingredients and it is so simple that it didn’t seem necessary to modify. We did prep the veggies (onion, potato, broccoli) the night before so that when we got home from yoga we could just throw everything together. Prep work always makes it nice on our busy weeknights.

This broccoli soup turned out really, really yummy. The red pepper flakes gave it just the tiniest bit of spice (sometimes I think with more complicated (i.e. recipes with more ingredients) recipes you don’t get anything out of red pepper flakes). We also used really nice bagel chips from Whole Foods.

Easy, fast, healthy and yummy. What more could you want? Oh also, pre-digested. mmmmmmm….


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