chef hands, too much soup, and veggie enchiladas

Last night, I realized that I have eaten soup for the last 6 non-breakfast meals. Yikes. Sunday dinner and Monday lunch I had kimchi soup from our favorite Korean restaurant. Monday dinner and Tuesday lunch I had broccoli soup. And Tuesday dinner and Wednesday lunch I had carrot soup. While all of these soups made me quite the happy camper, I was starting to crave something that I had to chew.

These enchiladas took a little bit more time than we were used to, but they were definitely not hard to make. I did all of the prep chopping and grating (this was dangerous!) on Tuesday night. So, last night we made the filling:

Filled the tortillas:

Loaded up the baking dish:

And ate the deliciousness that came out of the oven:

We can’t wait to make this again and tweak it to make it our own.

This time around, we put the corn in the filling instead of having it as a side as the recipe recommended.

P.S. Somehow I have managed to rip up my right hand (see grating comment above). I’m sure this is due to clumsiness, but this morning Hank said I had chef hands which made me smile.


One thought on “chef hands, too much soup, and veggie enchiladas

  1. And now for the past two non-breakfast meals we have had yummy enchiladas.. yay! For a full explanation of the term “chef hands,” ask Brian sometimes. There’s also “chef ass” too but you don’t have that.

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