An Ohio themed party

I like Ohio…a lot…and I think that I have converted Hank to its awesomeness. This year, instead of racking our brains for gifts for everyone on Hank’s side of the family, we decided to throw an Ohio themed party.

We talked a lot about what the menu should look like. Our first thought was Skyline chili dogs and Graeter’s ice cream. It eventually evolved into something a bit more exciting.

The menu

    • Bloody Mary’s (Apparently, tomato juice is the state beverage of Ohio. We weren’t going to just serve tomato juice! We got some fancy vodka to add to them and made some excellent BMs.)
    • Deviled eggs (These don’t really have an Ohio significance besides my mom making the best deviled eggs ever. We didn’t do them quite the way that she does, but they were pretty simple, just mayo, yellow mustard, relish, salt, pepper, and paprika for garnish. The crowd scarfed these down.)
    • Skyline coneys (mild dog (don’t want to overpower the chili!), fluffy buns, chili, raw onions, yellow mustard, hot sauce, and finely grated cheese of the orange sort)
    • Skyline 3-way (slightly overcooked white pasta, chili, and that same finely grated cheese)
    • Oyster crackers (These things are like the standard bread you get at other restaurants. You get this tiny little bowl of them at Skyline, and you pretty much always ask for another.)
    • Salad (We had to have something green…)
    • Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream for dessert (Salty Caramel, Brown Butter Almond Brittle, and Sweet Potato and Torched Marshmallow)

So, in case you aren’t sure what Skyline Chili is all about, there is a variety of chili called Cincinnati chili. It is sort of sweet (cinnamon and chocolate are added) with meat but no beans. It’s kind of saucy, but in an excellent way.

We sent each of our guests away with a box of Esther Price chocolates (a Dayton original).

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