Something new!!

Hank and I love our shared Google calendar. We put work stuff on there so that we know when is a good time to gchat and when isn’t, we put our evening and weekend plans on there, and it’s great for planning travel and events in the future. It has also come in really helpful since we started planning our week’s worth of meals. A quick glance lets us know what nights we already have dinner plans.

Today, Hank had a genius idea. Why not make another calendar that we share for our menu. This will be great for lots of reasons:

  • We can always see what the plan is on our phones.
  • When we think of things we want next week we can go ahead and plug them in.
  • When we are grocery shopping and we forget why a certain ingredient is on our list, we can look back and see what the plan is for each day.
  • In the description field we can put in the link (if there is one) for the recipe that we are making.

Here is a quick view of next week’s calendar (it appears that Hank hasn’t plugged his work schedule in):

  • Yellow: Hank
  • Red: me
  • Blue: my schoolwork
  • Green: FOOD!!!

Right now, I write out our menu on a quarter sheet of paper and put it on our fridge. I might still do this, because it will still be the easiest way to reference what we are stuffing our faces with next while in the kitchen.


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