I’m lazy.

So you are going to get one post covering a lot of stuff.

Last weekend was another big cooking weekend for us. After going out to celebrate my mother in law’s birthday on Saturday night, we stayed in on Sunday and grilled a chicken we had bought a few weeks ago (and put in the freezer). While I napped, Hank worked his magic and seasoned the chicken with some of our most used spices: cumin, coriander, etc.

Our late harvest CSA provided us with a bunch of turnips last fall that we cooked, mashed and froze. So, we got those out to thaw and had great side for our chicken.

We also made a batch of cornbread, because we like keeping it in the freezer for meals that just seem like they need cornbread. We usually put fresh jalapenos in it, but we had a bit of a fail on that, so we added the rest of a jar of pickled jalapenos and some of this crazy hot homemade pickled peppers stuff that we got from a Mexican restaurant. It was good, but definitely not as good as with the fresh peppers.

At some point (I think both last week and the week before that) we made this amazing tofu with bok choy and peanut sauce from Mark Bittman’s ‘Kitchen Express’. Yes, we made it two weeks in a row because it was just that good.

In fact, I’m craving it right now.

Oh, this is what happens when we run out of greek yogurt:

We put cream cheese on top of our lentils. Good? Not good? Hard to say really. It happened though.

We made the egg boats that I promised for two weeks. They ended up taking a lot longer to cook than it said it would, but we may also have made them twice as big as we were supposed to. Either way, they were really yummy and really easy.

Our most recent success (that I have pictures of) was the Chickpea, Potato and Spinach Jalfrezi that we made a few nights ago. We did some prep for it the night before and then it went together really easy. We did encounter a bit of a sand problem in our spinach. Eh…sometimes this happens. We got it as clean as we could.

You will notice that the greek yogurt has made its triumphant return!


One thought on “I’m lazy.

  1. In the interests of full disclosure, I totally failed to add enough moisture to our lentils (we jankily adapted the recipe for the slow cooker) and burned a mess of them onto the inside of the crock pot. They tasted ok, but it took 3 days of soaking to get the pot clean.

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