A week gone by

A week and a day.

Things have happened, we have chowed.

Last Tuesday, we made an Eggplant curry. It was really good, but unfortunately, I don’t really remember what to say about it. I will say that I forgot to take a picture of it when we ate it, so here is a great photo of my leftovers:

Sorry, I guess it is mostly a picture of cilantro. Have I mentioned that we love that stuff? Do you see the orange thing in the upper right hand corner? That’s my greek yogurt. We do that too.

On Wednesday, we made a peanut noodle salad. I have to say, this one is excellent. Hank and I are at the point where we can just throw stuff together and make a pretty good peanut sauce, but this one kinda blew us away. It was a cold salad, so will be great for the summer. We put loads of veggies in it. Definitely make this one!

On Friday, we kept it easy and made nachos. I don’t think that the two of us have ever made nachos together. They bring back so many fond memories for me. My dad used to always make them for a snack at night when we were kids. The way the edges of the chips get all browned. Oh man.

You might notice our two favorites things in the photo above.

Last, but certainly not least, I made cookies on Sunday. This is a super rare thing for me for a few reasons. One, I don’t consider myself the best baker. I can do it, don’t get me wrong, but I’m much better at throwing things together and never measuring anything exactly than I am at truly following a recipe. There is so much pressure in baking! Hank, because he is a good husband, always tells me that I am an excellent baker. Two, if there are a bunch of cookies/baked goods around I start to feel bad that they aren’t getting eaten, but I don’t really eat a ton of them to get them to go away.

I made these cookies with work in mind though. My boss is vegan, and I have been wanting to bring something in to share, but I had never made a vegan dessert before. I found this recipe online of Thumbprint cookies, and I decided to give them a shot. They turned out great! Make sure to have a glass of cow’s milk by your side to wash them down.

On a super fun note, my office likes snacks…almost as much as this guy.


Menu: April 23-29

Looks like I didn’t get my butt in gear last week and post. I do have stuff to talk about though! School ends this week, so some of my time will be freed up.

Monday– Dinner at Ike and Anna’s.

Tuesday– Moroccan Chickpeas (from Jamie Oliver’s ‘Food Revolution’)

Wednesday– Skillet poached Huevos Rancheros (from Real Simple. Yes, we made this last week. It literally takes 15 minutes and is soooo good. Perfect for a yoga night.)

Thursday– Hank is now a board member for his alumni association (fancy, I know!), so we are going to an event where dinner will be served.

Friday– Quesadillas with mushrooms, onions and pepperjack cheese.

SaturdayChicken Marbella (from ‘The Silver Palate Cookbook’)

Sunday– Swupper (The father-in-law is home alone, so we are going to make sure that he is still kickin after 3.5 days alone.)

Menu: April 16-22

Making some new stuff this week. Hopefully I will get my rear in gear and post about it.

Monday– Dinner at the in-laws so that we can catch up on Mad Men.

TuesdayCurried Eggplant with Tomatoes and Basil (from Real Simple Magazine)

WednesdaySpicy Peanut noodle salad (from Serious Eats)

ThursdaySkillet poached Huevos Rancheros (another Real Simple)

Friday– Nachos

Saturday– Corned beef with cabbage, potatoes and carrots

Sunday– Swupper

It’s obviously been too long…

Things have been busy. Who knew that taking one online class and making a trip back to your hometown (that was why last weekend’s meals were a surprise…because they were with my family who didn’t know that Hank and I were coming) could cause so much stress and take up so much time? 2.5 more weeks of class and I will be back at it (the blog that is).

I realize that I didn’t post a menu for this week, but never fear! one was made. It consisted of things like nachos and tuna melts and our new favorite dish, Bittman’s tofu with asian greens and peanut sauce. So, nothing that exciting.

I do have a few meals/dishes to post about though.

We made a lovely mushroom and banana pepper pizza sometime in the past. It was definitely a good combo, but we made one mistake, we added anchovies we needed to finish…I think they were anchovies…maybe sardines…I never can tell the difference…to half of the pizza. Needless to say, we liked the other half much better.

On a much more amazaballs note, we made Greek pasta sauce (again, sometime in the past), that was, as stated, amazaballs. It was super cinnamony and creamy from the goat cheese. Geez, I can’t wait to make it again.

Also added to the Success List (a list which only exists in my brain), was the seared cauliflower we made last week (you know…sometime in the past). I’m honestly drawing a blank on what to tell you about it except that it was easy, tasty and healthy. We ended up eating it with the enchiladas. It was a great side.

I’ll try to be better the next few weeks.

Menu: April 2-8

Monday– Egg enchiladas with mole (Bittman’s “How to Cook Everything Vegetarian”) We made the mole awhile back and put it in the freezer.

Tuesday– Seared Cauliflower with Olives (Bittman’s “Kitchen Express). We are going to have it over sauteed spinach with cornbread.

WednesdaySpiced Spinach Dal with Coconut Milk

ThursdaySpicy Indian Scrambled Eggs

Friday– I can’t talk about it 😉

Saturday– Still can’t talk about it 😉

Sunday– Easter.