Menu: April 23-29

Looks like I didn’t get my butt in gear last week and post. I do have stuff to talk about though! School ends this week, so some of my time will be freed up.

Monday– Dinner at Ike and Anna’s.

Tuesday– Moroccan Chickpeas (from Jamie Oliver’s ‘Food Revolution’)

Wednesday– Skillet poached Huevos Rancheros (from Real Simple. Yes, we made this last week. It literally takes 15 minutes and is soooo good. Perfect for a yoga night.)

Thursday– Hank is now a board member for his alumni association (fancy, I know!), so we are going to an event where dinner will be served.

Friday– Quesadillas with mushrooms, onions and pepperjack cheese.

SaturdayChicken Marbella (from ‘The Silver Palate Cookbook’)

Sunday– Swupper (The father-in-law is home alone, so we are going to make sure that he is still kickin after 3.5 days alone.)


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