Menu: May 28-June 3

Sorry for the late posting.

MondayGreek Macaroni and Cheese

TuesdayPortabello Pizza Bites (please ignore that this is a P90x website)

WednesdaySpicy Peanut Noodle Salad

ThursdaySkillet Huevos Rancheros

Friday– Zucchini quesadillas

Saturday– My mom and two of my aunts will be in town for the next few days. They want seafood for every meal. Let’s hope they are paying for me and The Hank!

Sunday– More seafood.


Brevity: a sequel

Continuing yesterdays post about what we ate last week.

I guess that there is really just Friday’s meal to cover. We had lentil tacos. These sounded really great to me when I saw and read the recipe, but as we began making them I got a little bit skeptical. The skepticism came mostly from the fact that  peanuts and raisins are added to the mixture. I think it was the spices that sounded great…and the cilantro yogurt. When it came time to throw in the peanuts and raisins I looked over at Hank (who was dutifully washing some dishes) and said, “This is weird. How much of these should I actually put in, because half a cup just sounds crazy?” We started with a handful of each, but as soon as I started smelling the peanuts I wanted to add more. So I did. But I kept the raisins to a minimum.We stuffed our whole wheat tortillas full of the lentil mixture, piled on the cilantro Greek yogurt, and finished it off with some perfectly ripe avocados. I put way more avocado on later, but I thought I was doing all of you a favor by waiting until after I took the picture. I thought it would better show off the filling. WRONG! Look at all of that Greek yogurt! You can’t even see the filling because of the yogurt and the fact that the lentils almost perfectly blend in with the tortilla. Sorry.

Lucky for you, I took a picture of the filling while it was cooking:

Once again, my initial reaction to the recipe was correct, and this was a really excellent meal. I have to warn you though, two tortilla shells stuffed with lentils is just crazy. No one should eat that much, and I even started to think that Hank wasn’t going to get through his. When I asked if he wanted the rest of mine (which he always responds, “I mean, if you aren’t going to eat it”) he looked at me like I was crazy.

In conclusion, add the prescribed amount of peanuts, if you want it sweet add all of the raisins, and don’t worry too much about food processing the cilantro for the yogurt. Make lots, they are great for leftovers.


The food gods have been good.

A few people have mentioned to us how great our grilled cheese looked that we had earlier last week. They were good. Like REAL good. Make them! When you make the pesto, don’t hesitate to make too much and throw the leftovers into the freezer. On Sunday, Hank threw what was left of ours on some whole wheat pasta and added some canned tuna and chickpeas. Done. Awesome.

We have also decided that dried chickpeas are the way to go. The past few times that we have needed them for a recipe I have invested in the 3 hours necessary to boil them to perfection (okay! the first time I did it they were still a little too much on the crunchy side). They taste better, they aren’t slimy, they haven’t been chillin in a can for who knows how long. While you are cleaning the apartment/house/finding a new cardboard box that isn’t waterlogged, put a pot of them on the stove and come back when you are done homemaking. It will be worth it.

Now, on to things that I have pictures of.

Last Wednesday we made Cauliflower Penne Puttanesca. You sorta brown up the cauliflower in the pan before you add everything else. The browning gives it a nice nutty flavor. Plus, the saltiness of the olives and capers can make almost anything better than you expect it will be.

On Thursday, we made a cold noodle salad. This recipe is one that Hank’s aunt posted. I have never actually had anything made by Aunt Shelley, but I hear that she might be the best chef in the world. Even Hank’s brother, Bri, says this, and he is a chef as well. I trust these people, and this recipe does not disappoint. One thing that we do skip is doubling up on the raw onions. It calls for red onions and scallions, but we just do scallions. We also follow her recommendation of adding some soy sauce to it. Avocado makes it all creamy…mmmmm. So easy and a great summer meal if it is too hot to cook.

On Sunday, I mentioned to a friend who has a wonderful blog called 12 Months of Lent that I really like it when blog posts are short. This one is getting too long. I promise to post more soon!

Menu: May 21-27

Monday– Fried Rice Mark Bittman style

Tuesday– Hopefully heading to the in-law’s house to catch up on some Mad Men.

WednesdayLentil Soup with Lemon Yogurt

ThursdayVegetable and Chickpea Curry

Friday– Heading to Burlington, VT after work. Hank’s marathon is this weekend! Hopefully eating at the 3 Penny Taproom in Montpelier.

Saturday– Hank will be carbo-loading (and I will be tagging along) at an all you can eat pasta thingy for the marathon runners. I’m not expecting anything fantastic…

Sunday– Marathon Day! Ike and Anna will be joining us in Burlington and we are planning on hitting up the Farmhouse Tap and Grill for some drinks and dinner.

Grillin’ the cheese

On Monday, Hank and I made some super tasty-fancy grilled cheese sandwiches. The inspiration was found here. I made the pesto portion on Saturday, which was really helpful for a fast after yoga prep. The pesto isn’t your basic basil/garlic/olive oil mixture, instead it combines parsley and kale with some other goodness. This definitely made our grilled cheese something special and also made me want to keep some of it around for all kinds of yummy concoctions. We just made the sandwiches with a generic loaf of whole wheat bread. I think fancy bread would have been good, but I don’t have any complaints about the way we did it.

We also decided to make two extra for our Tuesday lunches. The toaster oven came in quite handy for this, and they turned out just as well as when they were fresh. I highly recommend this as a packed lunch if you have a toaster oven at work. If not, don’t bother.

Our veggie for this meal (on top of the parsley, kale, and spinach in the sammie) was a side of asparagus. I love you asparagus!

Menu: May 14-20

Monday Green Goddess Grilled Cheese and asparagus

Tuesday– Lamejuns and some sort of vegetable

WednesdayCauliflower Penne Puttanesca

Thursday Aunt Shelley’s noodle salad

FridayLentil Tacos with Cilantro Yogurt

Saturday– Moroccan Hospitality Restaurant with Mike and Samantha

Sunday– Swupper

Summer is here!

First, I didn’t post a menu this week because Hank and I are heading to Ohio on Wednesday evening. This means you would have seen that we were having lamejuns last night and going out to eat with Hank’s folks tonight. Exciting, yes, but not a whole lot of info. I guess I could have also said that Thursday we are having my mom’s salmon patties and mac and cheese, Friday we are hitting up a wedding rehearsal dinner, Saturday we are eating at the wedding, and Sunday we are having Quinner (This is like Swupper, only with my family instead of Hank’s). So there! Menu done!

In all honesty, the meal last night turned out to be pretty bomb-tastic. I came home from yoga in a pretty crummy mood. I think it was one of those nights where I was tired, my allergies had gotten the best of me, and when my yoga teacher corrected something I was doing I just couldn’t take it anymore. That being said, Hank, without knowing how I was feeling, managed to make everything all better. I got home, and he said, ‘I got you a present’ (this is always a good start to making things better). He brought me into the kitchen and showed me these:

After expressing my very real concern earlier in the day that we were going to miss asparagus season if we didn’t get our butts in gear, Hank went out and bought 2 pounds of asparagus!!! and 1 pound of fiddleheads. We cooked them all, and almost ate them all. Good lord.

If you are keeping score: Hank: 3 (that’s for 3 pounds)   Bad mood: 0

Next week I will be eating by myself since Hank will be at a conference in Salt Lake City. I’m planning on doing a least a little bit of cooking, but I might just eat cheese. Sometimes I do that when he goes away (and it makes me happy)…

If you are keeping score: Cheese: 1   Bad mood: 0

On a very, very side note, school is out! Which means I will have at least a few extra hours in my week to do the things that I love.