Summer is here!

First, I didn’t post a menu this week because Hank and I are heading to Ohio on Wednesday evening. This means you would have seen that we were having lamejuns last night and going out to eat with Hank’s folks tonight. Exciting, yes, but not a whole lot of info. I guess I could have also said that Thursday we are having my mom’s salmon patties and mac and cheese, Friday we are hitting up a wedding rehearsal dinner, Saturday we are eating at the wedding, and Sunday we are having Quinner (This is like Swupper, only with my family instead of Hank’s). So there! Menu done!

In all honesty, the meal last night turned out to be pretty bomb-tastic. I came home from yoga in a pretty crummy mood. I think it was one of those nights where I was tired, my allergies had gotten the best of me, and when my yoga teacher corrected something I was doing I just couldn’t take it anymore. That being said, Hank, without knowing how I was feeling, managed to make everything all better. I got home, and he said, ‘I got you a present’ (this is always a good start to making things better). He brought me into the kitchen and showed me these:

After expressing my very real concern earlier in the day that we were going to miss asparagus season if we didn’t get our butts in gear, Hank went out and bought 2 pounds of asparagus!!! and 1 pound of fiddleheads. We cooked them all, and almost ate them all. Good lord.

If you are keeping score: Hank: 3 (that’s for 3 pounds)   Bad mood: 0

Next week I will be eating by myself since Hank will be at a conference in Salt Lake City. I’m planning on doing a least a little bit of cooking, but I might just eat cheese. Sometimes I do that when he goes away (and it makes me happy)…

If you are keeping score: Cheese: 1   Bad mood: 0

On a very, very side note, school is out! Which means I will have at least a few extra hours in my week to do the things that I love.


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