Grillin’ the cheese

On Monday, Hank and I made some super tasty-fancy grilled cheese sandwiches. The inspiration was found here. I made the pesto portion on Saturday, which was really helpful for a fast after yoga prep. The pesto isn’t your basic basil/garlic/olive oil mixture, instead it combines parsley and kale with some other goodness. This definitely made our grilled cheese something special and also made me want to keep some of it around for all kinds of yummy concoctions. We just made the sandwiches with a generic loaf of whole wheat bread. I think fancy bread would have been good, but I don’t have any complaints about the way we did it.

We also decided to make two extra for our Tuesday lunches. The toaster oven came in quite handy for this, and they turned out just as well as when they were fresh. I highly recommend this as a packed lunch if you have a toaster oven at work. If not, don’t bother.

Our veggie for this meal (on top of the parsley, kale, and spinach in the sammie) was a side of asparagus. I love you asparagus!


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