Brevity: a sequel

Continuing yesterdays post about what we ate last week.

I guess that there is really just Friday’s meal to cover. We had lentil tacos. These sounded really great to me when I saw and read the recipe, but as we began making them I got a little bit skeptical. The skepticism came mostly from the fact that  peanuts and raisins are added to the mixture. I think it was the spices that sounded great…and the cilantro yogurt. When it came time to throw in the peanuts and raisins I looked over at Hank (who was dutifully washing some dishes) and said, “This is weird. How much of these should I actually put in, because half a cup just sounds crazy?” We started with a handful of each, but as soon as I started smelling the peanuts I wanted to add more. So I did. But I kept the raisins to a minimum.We stuffed our whole wheat tortillas full of the lentil mixture, piled on the cilantro Greek yogurt, and finished it off with some perfectly ripe avocados. I put way more avocado on later, but I thought I was doing all of you a favor by waiting until after I took the picture. I thought it would better show off the filling. WRONG! Look at all of that Greek yogurt! You can’t even see the filling because of the yogurt and the fact that the lentils almost perfectly blend in with the tortilla. Sorry.

Lucky for you, I took a picture of the filling while it was cooking:

Once again, my initial reaction to the recipe was correct, and this was a really excellent meal. I have to warn you though, two tortilla shells stuffed with lentils is just crazy. No one should eat that much, and I even started to think that Hank wasn’t going to get through his. When I asked if he wanted the rest of mine (which he always responds, “I mean, if you aren’t going to eat it”) he looked at me like I was crazy.

In conclusion, add the prescribed amount of peanuts, if you want it sweet add all of the raisins, and don’t worry too much about food processing the cilantro for the yogurt. Make lots, they are great for leftovers.



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