What we got, and what we are going to do with it: Menu: June 19-25

We picked up our CSA last night. There is a bit more variety, but still a lot of greens.

  • bok choy
  • radishes
  • arugula
  • romaine lettuce
  • scapes
  • swiss chard
  • cilantro
  • sugar snap peas
  • scallions
  • beets

Tuesday– We had some lamejuns in the freezer that we need to eat, so we made those and put goat cheese, greek yogurt (we only had a tiny bit of goat cheese), and avocado on them. We used up all of the swiss chard by sauteing it with some scapes.

Wednesday– Out to eat with our friends Kate and Linh.

Thursday– Today (Wednesday) and tomorrow are supposed to be about 100 degrees, so we decided to make a big salad for dinner and not put any extra heat in the house: arugula, romaine, beets, radishes, sugar snap peas, egg, cheese…you know, everything.

FridaySriracha grilled tofu with some sort of green or salad.

SaturdayLarb wrapped in romaine leaves. This is our inspiration recipe, but we will probably modify it quite a bit.

Sunday– Swupper with the entire gang.

Monday- Tofu with Asian Greens and Peanut Sauce (yes, this was on the menu last week.)


How many greens can you eat in a week?

I apologize in advance for not having a picture for this post. You will just have to imagine in your mind’s eye what our refrigerator looked like a few days ago (Hank, did you get a picture?), because it is too late now. We have eaten too much of it.

Here is what we got:

  • 2 heads of bok choy (Which are being eaten tonight with our tofu and asian greens with peanut sauce.)
  • 1 bunch of kale (1/2 of which was put into the pesto that we made for last night’s grilled cheese sammies.)
  • 1 bunch tarragon (All of which was added to the pesto for the sammies mentioned above.)
  • 1 bunch swiss chard (Sauteed as a side with last night’s sammies.)
  • 10 scapes (1/2 of which have been consumed between sauteing with the swiss chard and the pesto).
  • 2 heads of lettuce (We made huge salads for dinner on Tuesday night..mixing bowl size huge…and small salads for lunch today. We have about 1 portion left.)
  • 1 bag of spinach (some of which was used on the sammies)
  • 1 bunch escarole that we will be braising probably tomorrow night.

So, after two nights of eating we have put a pretty big dent in the CSA share for this week.

Menu: June 12-18

Folks, we have had a change of plans. Our CSA starts today, and we have the option of picking up our share on either Tuesday or Thursday. We picked Tuesday. This means that our weekly menu will now run from Tuesday-Monday. Our Tuesday pickup will allow us to make a menu on Monday (which is when we get the info about what will be in the weekly share) and go grocery shopping after our pickup. I am insanely excited about our CSA.

Tuesday– Salad with leftover chicken, cheese from our cheese CSA, eggs and cucumbers.

WednesdayGreen Goddess Grilled Cheese

ThursdayTofu with Asian Greens and Peanut Sauce

FridayBurgers with a poached egg in the middle (this is well worth clicking on the link) and kale

Saturday– WHALE WATCHING! in Gloucester. Cape Ann Brewery for dinner.

Sunday– Swupper

Monday- Pasta with Greek Cinnamon Tomato Sauce