Menu: June 12-18

Folks, we have had a change of plans. Our CSA starts today, and we have the option of picking up our share on either Tuesday or Thursday. We picked Tuesday. This means that our weekly menu will now run from Tuesday-Monday. Our Tuesday pickup will allow us to make a menu on Monday (which is when we get the info about what will be in the weekly share) and go grocery shopping after our pickup. I am insanely excited about our CSA.

Tuesday– Salad with leftover chicken, cheese from our cheese CSA, eggs and cucumbers.

WednesdayGreen Goddess Grilled Cheese

ThursdayTofu with Asian Greens and Peanut Sauce

FridayBurgers with a poached egg in the middle (this is well worth clicking on the link) and kale

Saturday– WHALE WATCHING! in Gloucester. Cape Ann Brewery for dinner.

Sunday– Swupper

Monday- Pasta with Greek Cinnamon Tomato Sauce


One thought on “Menu: June 12-18

  1. I think this post is proof we’re doing a good job of going with the flow of our CSA. At some point you should post a photo of how full the fridge is with green stuff.. 😉

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