A Sway New Year’s Day

I’m not one for resolutions, life is about constantly learning and changing and adapting, but Hank and I did decide that we would try and put at least $100 more per month towards student loans this year. We took a look at our budget and decided to spend $50 less on groceries and $50 less on eating out.

When we started talking about how we could do this, and what we could cut out, it basically boiled down to two things: be more careful about our spending at the grocery (i.e. don’t buy so much fancy cheese) and eat rice and beans once a week (this was Hank’s brilliant plan). I don’t think that the rice and beans plan is going to stick around for the entire year, but it is one of the easy meals that we both enjoy quite a bit.

January 1, 2013 saw the two of us doing our usual thing…cooking. Hank did most of it while I did a bunch of other chores around the house. Here is our stove doing what it does best:

20130101_111819So, what did we make? Lots of stuff to plan for our three day week.

  • We soaked red beans and chickpeas the night before.
  • Boiled the chickpeas- half for soup tonight and half for hummus.
  • Cooked the red beans with chiles in adobo, onion, garlic and oregano.
  • Cooked the rice for our weekly beans and rice.
  • Boiled beets and eggs to make pickled beets and eggs.

Overall, a lot of good stuff.

Happy New Year!



2 thoughts on “A Sway New Year’s Day

  1. Jaclyn and I have made a huge impact on grocery spending by actually using coupons. Target puts a bunch on their website which is nice. I think in the last 4 months of doing this we have averaged like around $70 savings a week. Our goal for 2013 is $2000 savings using coupons and shopping sale items.

    • Impressive! We definitely do the couponing thing, but we didn’t know about the Target online coupons. Our Target budget is currently set at $75/month. We call is ‘household items’ and it includes cleaning products, hygiene stuffs, and occasionally other random things like coffee filters or socks. Since we only make the trip once a month, shopping sale items can be tough, but only going once probably saves us the money we would have spent on random crap if we made extra trips.

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