The point of this blog.

G chat conversation between me and my husband after the President’s Day post:

hank: It was a good post.

Ashley: Thanks. I didn’t think it was my best.

hank: there was a lot of ground to cover

Ashley: it’s true, and it was kind of long after the fact

hank: i liked how the photos were very documentary style. you could have made them prettier, by like showing the final served/garnished dish, but they’re more real this way. which is what i think the whole point of the blog is

Ashley: thanks. it’s true, the point of the blog is to show that real people can cook real food
and they make mistakes

hank: or don’t always follow the recipe

Ashley: and there are lots of dishes

Ashley: perfect food isn’t made by perfect people! anybody can do it!

hank: indeed! it always irritates me when ppl say they can’t cook

Ashley: it’s true. it is just that you aren’t taking the time to cook!


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