Drinking Tomatoes

This summer, our CSA has provided us with a heck of a lot of tomatoes. The first week, we almost got through all of them. In fact, we were pretty determined to eat all of them, but then after about four days Hank started to get sores in his mouth. Day five the sores started in my mouth. At that point it was the weekend, and we finally took the plunge and learned how to can.

My mom has been canning since time began, or at least for the past 30 years. I called her for advice and she scanned and sent me the instructions that have gotten her to where she is today. They were dated to a time when women stayed at home and raised the kiddies and included putting a rubber sealing compound on the jars instead of using the self sealing lids that are around today. Otherwise, they were super easy to follow, especially since I wasn’t doing it alone while my kids ransacked the house and the dog barked for 3 hours straight. I was lucky enough to have my husband as my beautiful assistant. Since that weekend we have canned two more times, all tomatoes. We now have 19 jars of whole tomatoes.

In the spirit of not wasting anything, after stuffing the jars full of tomatoes we decided to make bloody mary’s with the leftover juice. Yes, we had to chew some gulps, but holy cow it was tasty.

Enjoy your week! We just got our CSA email, and it looks like we will be getting some more tomatoes!