Beans, beans for every meal

Ok, not every meal, but we have been making a batch once a week that gives us 6-8 servings. When we decided to try and shift some money around in our budget, we decided to save grocery money by making rice and beans once a week. In theory, this is a great idea, but rice and beans for 3 or 4 meals a week can get a little bit boring. So, we have decided to try and mix it up every week. Rice and beans will still make an appearance, but the main goal is to have beans once a week.

This past week we stuck with the R&B (that’s rice and beans, not music you make love to) combo.We went ahead and added some ‘awesomesauce‘ though. This ‘awesomesauce’ sounds stupid, I know, but it was kinda awesome. I’d be tempted to put it on other things as well: pasta, corn chips, my finger, stuff like that. ¬†We threw some pepper jack cheese on top and scarfed it down.20130117_184001

Tune in next week for vegan refried beans.