How we spend our weekends

I would say that at least 6 hours out of every weekend we spend cooking. Not only do we like to prep things for the week ahead, but we like to cook a big meal as well, usually on Saturday. This weekend was no different.

Hank was working on some freelance librarian mind melding, so I spent Saturday in the kitchen, wearing my new fancy pants apron that I got for Christmas (I took a break to clean our yoga mats, which might be the most rewarding thing that I have done in a few days). My hours spent in the kitchen produced a loaf of homemade bread, vegan tofu spread for pizza, and all of the fixins for the curry that we were making that night.

We had soaked some chickpeas overnight (I’m not sure if I have said this before, but if you have only ever eaten chickpeas out of the can then you are really missing out. Dried chickpeas are super easy, don’t have that slimy film that comes in the canned version, and taste possibly…300% better.), so I boiled them until they were soft. I also made homemade curry paste. This was a first, and we may never buy it out of a can again. Jamie Oliver has a bunch of recipes in his ‘Food Revolution’ cookbook. I made the Jalfrezi. I could have ate it by the spoonful. Make it, guys. Make it! Then there was lots of chopping since it was veggie curry we were making, and I made some brown rice. It was possibly the best curry that we have made, and we make a lot of curry. I only have one picture to show for all of this, and it is hard to tell, but it is at least a gallon of curry.

bubblin' away

Today is Sunday, and I am happy to announce that we are having pizza twice today, and I don’t mean that we are having pizza and then we are having leftover pizza. I mean that we went out to get pizza for lunch (Jess and Kara, we may have driven 4 hours round trip to get this pizza), and are now making homemade pizza for dinner. I’d call this day a win!